NatWest’s Mortgage Solutions: Options, Repossession Awareness, Identity Verification, and Support

Are you looking for a mortgage solution that fits your needs? NatWest has you covered. They offer a range of mortgage plans whether you’re a first-time buyer, moving up the property ladder or remortgaging. However, keep in mind that if you fail to meet payment obligations, the property used as security for your mortgage could be repossessed. As part of their commitment to providing you a safe and hassle-free experience, NatWest will verify your identity during the application process. If you have any questions about their mortgage options or services, NatWest’s support team is there for you.

NatWest Offers a Range of Mortgage Solutions for Customers

NatWest Offers a Range of Mortgage Solutions for Customers

If you’re looking to buy a new home, NatWest has mortgage options to suit your needs. They offer fixed and variable rate mortgages with competitive interest rates. Their fixed rate mortgages provide stability with interest rates that stay the same for the initial deal period, typically 2-5 years. Variable rate mortgages usually start with a lower interest rate, but it can go up or down over time depending on the market.

NatWest also provides special mortgage deals for first-time homebuyers to make home ownership more affordable. Their “helping hand” mortgage, for instance, offers a lower deposit requirement so you can get into your new home sooner. They also have mortgages tailored to self-employed individuals and those with little credit history.

Flexible Repayment Terms

Most of NatWest’s mortgages allow you to choose between repayment terms of 25 to 40 years so you can find one that fits your budget. Shorter terms mean paying the mortgage off sooner but higher monthly payments. Longer terms have lower payments but higher interest costs over time. NatWest’s mortgage advisors can help determine the right term for your needs.

Robust Identity and Fraud Checks

NatWest utilizes strong identity verification and fraud prevention measures to ensure a safe and responsible lending experience for customers. They carefully check the information provided on your application and may ask for additional proof of identity. These checks help prevent identity theft and mortgage fraud, protecting both you and the bank.

If you have any questions about NatWest’s mortgages or the application process, their UK-based call centers and advisors provide support Monday to Friday. NatWest is there to guide you through every step of obtaining your new home loan.

Understanding Repossession Risks With Mortgaged Properties

If you’re taking out a mortgage, it’s important to understand that your home is at risk if you fail to keep up with payments. NatWest requires borrowers to provide extensive proof of identity and financial information to prevent fraud and ensure customers can afford their mortgage plans. However, even with the bank’s safeguards and your best intentions, life happens. Job loss, medical issues, or other unforeseen circumstances could interfere with your ability to pay.

In a worst-case scenario, NatWest may have to repossess the property to recover funds. Repossession means the bank takes ownership of the home to sell it in order to pay off the remaining mortgage balance. This is obviously not an ideal situation for anyone involved.

To avoid repossession, communicate with NatWest as soon as possible if you’re having trouble making payments. The bank would much rather work with you on a repayment plan or temporary solution than have to repossess your home. They offer various options like mortgage holidays, payment deferrals, term extensions, or interest-only periods to provide temporary relief.

The reality is that any mortgage poses risks, so go in with realistic expectations. Do your own due diligence to choose a plan you can afford, build an emergency fund, and try to overpay when possible. While NatWest aims to support customers through challenges, you must also take responsibility by not borrowing more than needed and addressing issues proactively. Consider speaking to a financial advisor to make sure any mortgage product fits your unique situation. With open communication and prudent planning, you can have peace of mind in your new home.

Providing Proof of Identity for a Secure Mortgage Application

To apply for a mortgage with NatWest, you’ll need to provide documentation to verify your identity. This helps ensure your application process is secure and streamlined.

Proof of identity

NatWest requires two forms of government-issued ID, like:

  • Passport
  • Driver’s license
  • Birth certificate

They will check that the details on your IDs match the information you provide in your mortgage application. Be prepared to submit high-quality color copies or scans of these documents.

Proof of address

You will also need to provide proof of your current residential address. Options include:

  • Utility bills (less than 3 months old)
  • Bank statements (less than 3 months old)
  • Council tax bill (less than 12 months old)
  • Mortgage statement (less than 12 months old)

Make sure any documents you provide show your name and full address, and are the most recent available. Digital or paper copies are accepted.

Background and credit checks

NatWest will run background and credit checks as part of verifying your identity and assessing your mortgage application. They want to ensure you do not have a history of fraud or financial issues that could impact your ability to repay the mortgage. Be upfront about any past credit problems, as they may require further documentation on these matters.

The identity verification process should not deter you from applying for a mortgage with NatWest. They aim to handle this stage efficiently while protecting customers’ personal information and financial interests. If you have questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact their mortgage support team. They are there to provide guidance and make the application experience as straightforward as possible.

Get in Touch With NatWest for Mortgage Information and Assistance

NatWest offers several ways for customers to get help with their mortgage needs or address any issues that come up. You have options to get information and assistance through various channels so you can choose what works for your situation and preferences.


For personal help over the phone, you can call NatWest’s UK-based mortgage center at 0800 917 5678. Representatives are available Monday to Friday, 8 am to 8 pm, and Saturday, 9 am to 4 pm. Be prepared to provide information like your mortgage account number to verify your identity. The team can walk you through your options, next steps for applications, make payments, or help resolve any problems.

Online Chat

If you prefer to chat with someone online, use the live chat feature on NatWest’s website. Mortgage advisors are available through chat during the same hours as phone support. This can be a quick and convenient way to get answers to simple questions or start the process of applying for a new mortgage product.


You can also email NatWest’s mortgage support team at Provide details about your query or issue in the email and a representative will respond during business hours, typically within 1 business day. This method is good if you want to explain a complex situation or need to send documents to support your request.


For face-to-face help, visit your local NatWest branch and speak to a mortgage advisor. They can review your options in person, check on the status of an application, accept payments or documents, and work to resolve any account issues you’re experiencing. Bring your account information and ID to verify your identity.

NatWest aims to provide caring, dependable support for customers’ mortgage needs. Don’t hesitate to reach out through your preferred method if you have any questions or require assistance. Their UK-based team is ready to offer information and help resolve problems so you can feel confident in your mortgage experience.

Frequently Asked Questions About NatWest’s Mortgage Offerings

When considering a mortgage with NatWest, you likely have some questions about what they offer and how it all works. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions to help you on your homebuying journey.

What types of mortgages does NatWest provide?

NatWest offers a variety of mortgage plans to suit different needs, including:

  • Fixed-rate mortgages: Interest rate remains the same for the full term of the mortgage. Offers payment stability.
  • Tracker mortgages: Interest rate tracks the Bank of England base rate. Payments may go up or down.
  • Offset mortgages: Links your mortgage and savings accounts so your savings balance reduces the interest charged on your mortgage.

What happens if I can’t make my mortgage payments?

If you fail to make payments for 3 months in a row, NatWest can repossess the property to recover the amount owed. Repossession means you lose your home, so it’s critical to contact NatWest immediately if you’re having trouble paying. They may be able to offer a payment plan to help you get back on track and avoid repossession.

How does NatWest verify my identity?

To apply for a mortgage, NatWest requires two forms of government-issued ID (e.g. passport, driver’s license) to confirm your identity. They also obtain electronic verification of your ID and perform credit checks. Providing proper documentation upfront helps ensure a smooth application process and fast approval.

How can NatWest support me through the mortgage process?

NatWest aims to provide helpful resources and guidance for their mortgage customers:

  • Online support articles on everything from application steps to homebuying advice
  • Phone support from 8am to 8pm, 7 days a week
  • In-person appointments at your local NatWest branch
  • Online mortgage calculators and affordability tools to help you determine how much you can borrow

If you have additional questions about NatWest’s mortgages or home financing in general, don’t hesitate to contact them. Their team is there to offer friendly support and help turn your dream of home ownership into a reality.


So there you have it—NatWest has a mortgage solution for just about every situation. Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or looking to switch lenders, their flexible plans and competitive rates are worth exploring. Just be sure to go in with your eyes open to the reality that if payments aren’t made, the bank could take back the property. The good news is NatWest works to verify your identity upfront so you can feel confident you’re dealing with a reputable lender. If at any point you have more questions or want to discuss your options in more detail, NatWest’s customer service team is there to help guide you to the best choice for your needs. The bottom line is that while the mortgage process can feel overwhelming, NatWest aims to make it as straightforward as possible.

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